Hypnotherapy Techniques

Suggestion Therapy (Clinical Hypnosis)

This therapy is ideally suited for simple problems such as smoking cessation, pre-test nerves, relaxation, slimming etc.
Suggestion work is very enjoyable and offers many positive benefits. When you achive a state of relaxation your conscious mind will allow positive suggestions into your subconscious mind so that changes can happen.
A maximum of ONE or TWO sessions is sufficient for the above.  However, it is NOT suitable for people suffering with phobias, anxiety, etc., as the effects for those conditions will be short-lived.  In those situations a course of Regression to cause or Hypnoanalysis is recommended.

Regression to cause

Every problem began with a past experience. Sometimes we have no conscious memory of the original incident as it been repressed, but this does not mean it is not affecting us. Some incidents seem relatively minor when we access them through hypnotherapy because the younger we are, the more easily we are traumatised. Regression to cause therapy is a direct route to the source of the problem and it is therefore very succesful for individuals who are "stuck" in a single area of their life. Indetifying the cause of the incident can create change relatively easily and is particularly helpful for overcoming a phobia, reclaiming self-esteem and releasing unwanted behaviours.

Hypnoanalysis / free association

Hypnoanalysis is a useful approach for clients who are not aware of the original cause of their difficulties. The free association method helps to release emotional connections that have created the symptoms in the first place and, whilst the cause is not always obvious or even identified it is nevertheless neutralised, which leads to a profound positive change. When the emotions have been released, so too are the symtoms. It is particularly useful if a client presents with multiple problems which affects most areas of their life such as low self esteem, general anxiety or lack of confidence.

Regression to cause and Hypnoanalysis

Both techniques are client centred therapies.  The number of sessions required is dependent upon the client and their issues, though sessions can take as few as 3 appointments.