Are You Ready to Stop Smoking Now?

Stop SmokingYou're no doubt aware of all the fear factor stuff in the diagram on your left as your friends and family will have reminded you on a regular basis.  And you will be equally aware of the arguments... health, social and certainly money with the cost of cigarettes sky-rocketing with every new budget!  

You see I understand what it is to be a smoker.   Two years ago after 30 years of being a heavy smoker, I quit in a single 2-hour session.  If I can do it, you certainly can!!!

So why is it so tough?

Stop Smoking I tried patches, gum, tablets from my GP, willpower and countless new year resolutions to no avail. Hypnosis works at the deepest levels of your mind to change your relationship with cigarettes and remove the desire to smoke. Unless you reprogramme your thought process towards cigarettes at the subconscious level, it is very difficult to succeed by denying yourself something you still truly desire.  Yet the chemical additction to cigarettes leaves your body in 72 hours.  Thereafter your "addiction" is purely habit! 

I will work with you to reprogramme this habit and like me, you can stop smoking in one 90-120 minute session.

I use the Award wining EASY QUIT SMOKING PROGRAM, so make an appointment now and you could leave my therapy room as a Non-Smoker!


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